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By Harvey Rayner

Welcome to my radical blend of geometric visual logic, web-aesthetics, some Zen(ish) thinking and non-thinking, modern design, some cool prints and T-shirts and hopefully a good wholesome supplement of eyeball nutrition
"bring on the picture-polyphony"

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The Story of Root2Art

Over a decade ago I started exploring simple geometry with a compass and rule. I might call myself as an artist, although I was unsure how my activities fitted into the canon of late 20th century art. Over subsequent years I developed my method and evolved a geometric language that gave form to my bent for abstract ideas. In 2000 I adopted digital tools and in 2004 I built the first incarnation of For many years I had struggled to find a sympathetic home for my work within the established currents of contemporary art. Today, my work is creeping into many distant corners of the internet where its starting to look and feel at home. Amongst the boundless strangeness and visual intelligence of the evolving internet I think at last my work is being increasingly recognised as an uncompromised art born out of its own unique DNA. - 2008


New Work Blog

Contemporary Art and Digital Design Blog

Over the years my blog has become the most popular part of my site providing me with a way of staying connected to my audience.

Best Of Root2Art

Best Digital Art

The best work from the entire Root2Art canon. Works are given a commentary and include personal related anecdotes where no obvious analysis springs to mind. Ignore the numbers against each image, I don't know why I added them and will remove them one of these days.

New Work Blog Best Of Root2Art

Digital Animation Sketches

Digital Art Animation

I made my first animations for my 'Geometrics' pages in an attempt to show how a typical Root2Art motif was derived from geometric relationships. I've dabbled with the medium sporadically over subsequent years, but never really got my teeth into it. In early 2007 however, I got quite excited about a series of work I created called 'Time Symmetry' and maybe in these studies are the kernels of some more sophisticated work somewhere down the road.

Monochrome Archive

Contemporary Digital Art Monochrome Archive

This part of my site is a remnant from a previous cyber incarnation. I built it in 2005 before I learnt more efficient ways of creating dynamic galleries. This said, I still kinda like the way it looks and it also contains the main body of the work that makes up the Root2Art canon I have produced over the last decade.

Digital Animation Monochrome Archive


Meditation Guides and the best Meditation cushions in the world - Meditation Guides and Question and Answer - Best meditation cushions in the world!

About My new project 'Moonleap': Our primary wish is to support the practice of sitting meditation. Our Moonleap meditation cushion (zafu) is one step towards finding more intelligently designed, ergonomic solutions to supporting our bodies in this practice. Harvey Rayner, designer of the Mooleap cushion, has estimated to have spent more than 20,000 hours sitting on 100s of different supports over 2 decades. We might say the design for this cushion has been born out of the wisdom of his very well qualified buttocks. Join us in exploring new ways of offering energy and support to all those engaged in the direct and peaceful practice of sitting meditation.


Contemporary Facemount Prints

Contemporary Facemount Prints
From £370


The visual effect of face-mounting creates
rich colors and enhanced contrast giving a striking impression of expensive quality.

The mounting technique is completely different from that given by holding a print behind glass using conventional means. Because with Face Mounting the print is hermetically sealed to sheet of Plexiglas, all the light that strikes the image is reflected back through the Plexiglas without becoming defused or lost through reflection. The resulting image is startlingly dynamic with fine detail appearing crisper, colors more intense and contrasts more striking. In essence Face-Mounting brings an almost third-dimension to the print surface and a life and vitality that is unobtainable with standard framing methods.

New Retro T-shirts

New Retro T-shirts
25% 0FF - NOW £15

I love designing these shirts as it is a way just about anyone who likes my work can own and enjoy it on a personal level. I’d get more of a kick from going to a big city and seeing a stranger wearing one of my t-shirts than going into a big commercial gallery and seeing my art on the wall. Its still a very, very slim percentage of individuals who every set foot in a commercial gallery. Nearly all of us however enjoy wearing a t-shirts on a regular basis regardless of our social ’status’. In a sense it is one of societies levelers: the fact that we can all gain access to unique and inspiring t-shirts and make a statement with design.

Unique Custom Framed Art

Unique Custom Framed Art
From £470


Quality print + ultimate contemporary style picture frame. I designed these frames to tackle the problem of presenting a digital print as a substantial 21st century work of art. Asides from face mounting I felt that there was nothing on the market that gave a sense of luxury and class to the new medium of digital print. My 'Node Frames' are crafted from oak, stainless steel and 4mm toughened glass with beautifully polished edges. This combined medium creates a strong designer statement in any setting.


The Geometrics: Method, Concept and Composition

Root2art (rut-tu-ärt)   n.

  1. A geometric meter used to organise and derive visual composition

  2. Art characterized by principles established by Harvey Rayner during the 1990s in which art is derived from an underlying geometric web of relationships in which the proportion (square root of 2):1 has a principle function.

Art of Geometric Composition
I describe my work as being created in and derived from a unique system of geometric meter. This is the meter of visual composition as opposed to the meter found in poetry although the formalising and ordering property is the same. This meter, derived from particular and distinct geometry, provides a grammar and the actual fabric of my visual language... cont'd

A scrapbook of random logic and logical randomness
The links below are to pages in my semi-ordered online scrapbook containing geometric working drawings, material about influences and numerous weird ramblings about what this all means to me. Some of the illustrations are missing notes and some of the notes are missing illustrations. These pages are an ongoing project however, and primarily aim to provide an impression of the ideas and methods that go into creating Root2Art and is not a definitive A to Z.

1. Firstmodel: The significance of the square root of 2 within the geometry of Root2Art

2. Manifold Unfolding: The varied use of repetition in Root2Art design and composition

3. Contrapunctus: The logic and visual forces used within Root2Art composition

4. Axis-mundi: How ancient influences have shaped my graphical digital art language

5. Polar-coaxis: Recurring sacred and esoteric geometric themes in my art

6. Death Of Modus: The conceptual architecture of complex abstract design

7. New Direct Sadness: Finding a pure and unique modern expression in Root2Art

Who Is Harvey Rayner?

He's the coldest bastard you're ever likely to meet. Read my sordid story


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