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Your Colors On Root2Art MySpace Background Patterns

How to use my background patterns as part of a complete layout makeover?

How To Change MySpace Backgrounds?

For this you will need a MySpace Layout Generator. You can find thousands of them out there, but I’ve had a quick look and the these two linked below seem to be quite straightforward to use.

To use my patterns with a layout generator you will need the ‘URL’ address of the image. This may simply be called ‘background image’ in the generator. You will find the URL address of each image under the code boxes. Simple copy and paste this into the background image field of the generator.

Highlight and copy background image URL

Now, usually just under this field there will be a section call something like ‘Background Repeat’ or ‘Background Tiling’. To cover the entire background you will need to select something like ‘up and down’, ‘full tile’ or ‘repeat x and y’. This tell the browser to repeat the tile both horizontally and vertically. There will also be a section called background position. With a repeating pattern this can be set to anything and it won’t make any difference. Default will probably be ‘top left’. This is fine.

Now go through the remaining stages and select your various colour schemes and fonts. Once you have generated your code copy it and go to ‘Edit Profile’ on your MySpace account homepage. Now right click anywhere in the ‘About Me’ field and select paste. Now click on ‘Save All Changes’ at the top or bottom of this page. (Root2Art Digital Art And Design)

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