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Death Of Modus

The Conceptual Structural Architecture Of Complex Abstract Design

Art derived from geometry: geometry derived from art.
There's nothing supposed beyond what is seen,
The art language is purely visual, no voice can speak it -
Cannot speak insightfully about it.
The concept stops here,
bring on the picture-polyphony.....

Exponential Complexity
Motifs are realised from the underlying geometry in solid tone, duplicated, varied, and married. Because the motifs are modular and modules are recycled the growth in complexity over the years of my working with them has been exponential.
Pergamum Great Altar of Zeus West

velasquez - Las Meninas
Picasso - Las Meninas after velasquez

Beauty in Art

Beauty in art
Requires no relevance
To sustain it.

The demise of beauty in art:
In the imagination of the unimaginative.
Unaesthetic art:
A solution, to an insoluble problem.

Just to look in art:
The hardest thing.
Requires us to abandon even looking.

The Gateway to Beauty in Art
Art connects most deeply with me through the sole experience of its visual forces. In the face of the great achievements in art, when truly merged with them, I feel nothing can be added. I believe the very absence of intellectual analysis at this point is the gate to a much closer reality to the work and its source.

Containing a decade of study
Of art in life
And life in art
In conclusion I have found
This work reflects not life, yet contains it

Root2art is an idea about beauty -
An idea about art and how art is losing its idea of beauty.
How can an idea about beauty manifest itself beyond this point?
It is the idea beyond thinking that comes before, during and after the process of art.

Wooden Temple

Cezanne - Large Bathers
Gioto -
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