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Best Of Root2Art

The best work from the entire Root2Art canon. Works are given a commentary and include personal related anecdotes where no obvious analysis springs to mind. Artworks are given numbers, but their order is of no real significance.

Print Archive

This is where the main body of my visual composition from the last decade can be found. Some works are available as prints, but I have yet to mark them. If you are interested, please drop me an email.

Digital Animation

I made my first animation to reveal how a motif was derived from geometric relationships. I've played around with flash over subsequent years, but it is only recently (2007) that I've started to develop some unique ideas that I believe might form the foundation of more fruitful experiments in the near future.


One day I realize one of my sculpture projects in real space. Engineering and making physical things is a big a part of my background, but for various reasons my 3D digital art has not yet made it off my hard-drive and into the muddy vestige of decay.