Custom Designer Picture Framing System

Digital Print Display Systems for the 21st Century and Beyond

Prior to developing Node Frame, I felt mounting my own digital prints in conventional frames would compromised the integrity of an art and medium that essentially belongs to the 21st Century. It struck me that beyond a minimalist variation on a conventional frame there was nothing commercially available in the way of quality display solutions that would add both aesthetic and financial value to my prints.

What I feel Iíve arrived at in the Node Frame is a art frame that is as truly contemporary, versatile and as exciting as the new medium of digital print. Essentially what I have sort in the design is a counterpart to the medium which celebrates new digital print and in particular new cutting edge digital art. In essence a display system for the new art of the 21st century.

Modern Art Display System In Context

Digital tools and printing technology may prove to be the biggest evolutionally step in artistic mediums since the creation of oil paint. With the wide spread adoption of oil paint came new and radical artistic language and with new visual language came new art thinking. Oil paint changed not only how art looked, but what it meant, how it was used, who owned it and how it was displayed. The stretch canvas and guilt frame became intrinsically married to oil paint for centuries and to some degree this convention gave artist the freedom to concentrate solely on making pictures. I believe the increasingly widespread adoption of digital mediums will have the same effect and the node frame could be key to enhancing and complementing new digital print technology.

The Complete Digital Art Printing and Framing Package for Artists and Photographers

Digital print technology provides me the opportunity to offer a complete printing and framing service. The concept is simple. An artist or photographer can offer his or her work presented in node frames on their own site, using images produced by me. (eventually an online interface can be built to give the artist more control over this). When the artist or photographer makes a sale they send me a digital file of the sold art work and I send on to the art buyer a complete, archival quality, framed art work. I will offer this service on a base price per square area of print size although the printing offered for free to all artists and photographs selling their own work. Artists can then charge whatever they like over and above this base price to make their profit.

The offer also provides the opportunity to select from a range of frame materials to customise their frame to best compliment their work. See more about materials below.

Any interested artist or photographer outputting digital print is welcome to contact me to discuss Node Framing partnership options.

Archival Quality Node Frames and Prints Developed to Museum Spec

The History of Rotting Art

One thing buyers of art and even artists are often not aware of, is how perishable many artistic mediums are. The 20th century witness the advent of mixed media art where anything from industrial paint to household junk was used to make art. I myself experimented with all sorts of funky mediums in the early 90s. After only just a decade some of this early work has been so degraded by the atmosphere and exposure to UV that they barely resemble the original creation. Any conservation department will have a horror story about battling to restore and conserve artworks made in the last fifty years. Of course there are plenty of problems with the older traditional mediums, but we might expect this and take it into consideration when buying. One of the greatest American painters Albert Pinkham Ryder is barely known, partly because very few of his paintings have survived due to his use of fugitive paints and substances such as bitumen.

Creating Art Treasures for Now and Tomorrow

All the materials used in the construction of a Node Frame are UV stable and will, under normal interior conditions, last for centuries. Further more the Node Frame has a very robust construction. The glazing used is 4mm toughened safety glass to protect the valuable art print inside and all the fixings are made from stainless steal. Considerable thought has gone into designing the Node Frame to be easy to clean with no inaccessible dust traps. Further more the glass cavity space which houses the print is sealed from dust ingress providing a perfect environment to maintain the condition of the print. A number of carefully selected material options are available for customers who want to customise the frameís theme to best suit their print.


Node Blocks

  • British Oak
  • Ash
  • Rose Wood
This list will expand to plastics and metals as demand grows. Pretty much any hard wood is suitable and can be sourced for customers with specific requests.


  • Satin finished stainless steel
  • Anodised aluminium in Silver, Gold, Red, Black, Blue, Green
A full colour chart will be made available soon


4mm toughened safety glass with polished edges


  • Stainless steel cable and fixings

Print Mount Board

All prints are fixed to a UV stable polymer board using the a stable heat sensitive film. The combined media is the proven industry standard and has been laboratory tested for stability. The polymer board comes in 16 colours.

A full colour chart will be made available soon

21st Century Framing Alternatives to the Node Frame

Iíve noticed visiting galleries that contemporary digital artists realising there work in digital print are often at a loss when presenting work in a gallery space. Whilst foam board has its uses, a digital print spay mounted on to a bendy piece of foam board will never supplant the stretched canvas as a thing people want to look at, own and cherish. Likewise printing a 21st Century artwork born out of cutting edge digital tools onto a canvas and pacing into a conventional frame will also be a low integrity solution. In the same way that a painting loses something when it is printed and divorced from its methodology and history of creation, a digital art work loses its authenticity when it is dressed up as a painting. When it comes to existing modern framing methods what choice does the digital artist have?
  • Clip Frame
  • Foam Board
  • Sheet of Perspex
  • 20th century minimalist variation on a conventional frame
Nothing truly cutting edge here. In fact you can get all these things from B&Q. You wonít be seeing Node Frames in a DIY store for a very long time. Why?
Because they are custom made out of the highest quality materials to an museum archival spec. These Frames are designed to transform the digitally printed output of ingenious cutting edge digital art into a high value, high quality and sort after art product. In relation to my own work, I see the Node Frame as an interface between the creative activity on my computer and the walls of my audienceís homes and offices. And in using a Node Frame I feel that at no stage has the integrity of my digital work been compromised by completing its realisation with old display conventions.