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'Firstmodel' Design Series

Geometric Pattern Design Prints By Root2Art

Polielettronica Laser RGB Printer
To produce prints up to 500mm x 7500mm I use a Polieletronica printer which exposing photographic paper using continuous tone RGB lasers to achieve the highest quality images. The print, in effect, is a photograph with a gloss surface which accentuates the high contrast elements I use in my compositions.

Polielettronica V Inkjet Printing
Do not confuse the above printing technique with an inkjet printing using photopaper. An inkjet printer produces an images from typically 4 to 8 inks, squirting tiny droplets onto a sheet of paper. Although inkjet printing technology has come a long way in the last few years and high quality printers can print at very high resolutions, I personally find the image and surface quality from inkjet to be inferior to the Polieletronica printer. The continuous tone lasers I use to produce my prints can produce each pixel at one of 16million colours without having to use multiple dots. The result is smooth graduations and solid areas without modulation or dotting. The gloss lustre is also not something I have seen using quality inkjet media.

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Festooned Tubis
1995 - 2004
Composite Motif
Horn shaped cavities, wreaths, carnivorous flowers, ceremonies for the deceased, dying.

500x500px 700x700px 900x900px
Firstmodel v5.2
1995 - 2000
Free Composition
Heavy things, compression, monuments, free standing, density.

500x500px 700x700px 900x900px
Firstmodel Buddha
1995 - 2005
Set Composition
Resolved for now
Tibetan art composition, Buddha on a lotus pedestal.

389x500px 544x700px 699x900px
Originhead (Mind's Eye)
1995 - 2004
Mind's eye, pure religious feeling, crucifix, Arvo Part.

500x500px 700x700px 900x900px
First and Last
1995 - 1997
Book/web Page presentation
Resolved for now
Electricity and matter, idea and realisation.

500x235px 700x329px 900x423px
First Model Origin
Form, what does mind look like?

437x500px 612x700px 787x900px
All in One: One in All
1996 - 2006
Lean Comp
Infinity, zero, the universe and the self are not two.

500x500px 700x700px 900x900px
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Next Series: manifold unfolding
'Firstmodel' Series