Some of my other web projects

Cool FREE Seamless Patterns for Blogger and Twitter Backgrounds, Blog and Website Wallpapers

Free Cool Pattern Backgrounds
Add your own colors to 100s of cool FREE pattern designs, or browse from 10,000s of pre-colored patterns using the new seamless pattern background editor. All artworks on this site can be used freely for Blogger and Twitter backgrounds, web and graphic design projects, PhotoShop texture tiles and fills, mobile phone wallpapers and personal artwork, blogs and websites.

My Portfolio: Pattern Designer, Web Developer, Technical Illustration, Digital Art

Pattern Designer and Web Developer Portfolio
All the projects I work on end up here: Pattern Design, Web Development, Technical Illustration, and Digital Art

Architecture, Sustainability & Eco Building Technology Project

Solaroof Eco Architecture Project
Id originally planned to build this Root2art site last year, but another project came along took up all of my time. I made this Solar Bubble Build site to documents my work to design and build what could now be the only operational eco build of its kind in the world. The project utilises a dynamic environment control technology known as Soloroof. Amongst other systems the building has an enveloping transparent cavity which is filled with liquid bubbles to insulate in cold conditions. Asides from the eco systems technology this project got me into designing tensile skin structures which is an area I am very keen to explore further in the future.
Recent websites I have designed for clients
Fun unique kids chess board creator
GLOS prints cool vinyl products - ranging from pattern covering films to childrens board games.
Florist online shop - Southwold, Suffolk
Local flower shop supplying, Southwold, Lowestoft, Wrentham and Wangford.
Uk Simulator Hire
F1 race car and flight simulator rental.
Tree Service
Above & Belyond - Expert Arborist Tree Pruning and Removal