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"The Highly Recommended Work Of My Most Honourable Contemporaries"

Jared Tarbell: and

A curious and beautiful site of recreational computation, generative art, mathematics, and open source Flash projects. Code and design by Jared Tarbell, algorithmic Agitation by Lola Brine.
Another site by Jared Tarbell

Han Hoogerbrugge:, Modern Living and
one of my favourite sites by one of my favourite living artists. Take a journey into the meaningfully strange world of Han Hoogerbrugge
Modern Living
A powerful expression of the neurosis associated with modern living. I don't know if I'm neurotic, but this piece really speaks to me.
Han Hoogerbrugge's and Paul A. Hall's collaborative project of animation and words. This may seem obvious but you must hover over the pictures to activate them. I'm thick as shite and it took me a while to work this one out. Great work though!

More Choice, Highly Original Online Art Projects

Intelligent Art Devoid of Digital Art Clichés

Don't Click
Navigate without clicking if you can! Pioneering and elegant approach to web page navigation
A pioneering and exquisitely crafted short film by Brian Taylor (alias XL5).
Brian Taylor (alias XL5) again. Site of digital arts excellence.
Fevolution by Feric
Eric Feng is a master draughtsman. The artistic world he is evolving is bizarre and fantastical yet presented with a great clarity of vision and confidence. Check out his outstanding new book.
You must check out yenz's 'Secret Garden'. I was gobsmacked by its brilliant artistry and great scale of vision.
Eat My Data
Dane Watkins's cryptic and intelligent world of animated Flash drawings.
Nobody Here
Fascinating and moving.


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