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New SVG Logo Download Center

Thursday, March 29th, 2007


I’ve built a SVG logo download site complete with svg to png converter so that users can conveniently create raster files to the exact size they require. One nice feature of this ‘Rasterizer’ which users a java module called batik, is that it doesn’t create an anti-alias border. The produced png logos sit on any color background without the need to crop a pixel from the edge. i think this combination of svg and batik has huge potential for graphic artists creating interactive vector graphic applications where the end product is a raster file. Such as, seamless background files, customised buttons, and personalized social network graphics. There seems to be a huge number of people searching for this kind of thing and a ready market ready to exploit for those designers who want to take leap of faith with SVG. I say this as there are still accessibility issues for SVG. Users of ie are required to download a plugin from adobe in order to view SVG content. This has been the thorn in the side of SVG developers for since its inception.

With my own SVG project Color Pattern Gizmo I’ve been working to make this process as painless and appealing as possible. The method of prompting users to download SVG plug-ins is however not an optimised process and needs to be looked at by some more talented programmers than me. That is , until a time when MS supports SVG natively within its browsers. The trouble is that nearly all SVG applications on the net only receive developer-centric traffic, so user friendly and non-cerebral pugin download and installation is not important to this group. The typical user searching for free myspace graphics however is going to leave any site without thinking when confronted with a javascript alert box telling them the site they are looking at is essentially broken unless they are prepared to fix their browser.

I should mention that both the latest versions of FireFox and opera now support svg without the need for a plug-in. If and when Microsoft will follow suit i have no idea.

SVG Logo unofficial variations

Monday, February 26th, 2007

i don’t know when the official SVG logo variation will be chosen and released, but this is one of my own personal favorites.

however, my wive says it looks like a tv with an aerial on top. she has an uncanny knack of finding unwanted associations in my work. personally i don’t see it and on this occassion i’m putting it down to her dizzy random female logic.

svg logos

SVG Javascript Color editor

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007


i haven’t posted much recently because i’ve been busy stretching my coding ability creating a new pattern creation utility. when finished users will be able to select from my pattern designs and add their own color schemes and apply the resulting unique pattern to many cool products. These will include stretched printed canvases, fabric for textiles designers, and free myspace background tiles. I’ll also be using the utility myself to create a large pre-colored pattern library.

you can’t save your patterns yet, but you can play – enjoy!

SVG Pattern Color editor

SVG Logo Animation

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

SVG logo Animation

this image is a gif, but will hope to have a svg version pretty soon.

Winning SVG Logo Contest!

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

svg icon

my entry to the svg logo design contest was a success! i am very grateful to the organises to be selected in first place. you can see all the finalists here. you will see i was up against some very inventive designers. i was careful from the outset of producing my design to stick very closely to the brief and it paid off.

svg logo

you can see my complete body of work entered to the competition here.


SVG Scalable Vector Graphics Logo

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

 in the nick of time i’ve completed my entry to the svg logo comp. the deadline is the 1st of october.

the numbers on the chart below show dimensions of buttons in pixels. it was quite a challenge to create a distinctive motif combined with the information required on each button, but i’m pleased with the result.

this is the first time i’ve used the svg format and i think i will certainly use it in different applications in the future. the obvious advantage i found with svg in this project was the way the files use readable style sheets. changing the colour for the whole display involves just 3 changers to the style sheet being as 3 shades of orange are used. you can see alternative colour schemes at the link below.

svg contest entry

Root2Art entry to the SVG Logo Competition

svg t-shirt