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The Titan Sadomasochistic Erotic Art Frame… he he

Friday, June 8th, 2007

The Titan Contemporary Picture Frame

The Titan… Cheesy name or what? The Titan was a name given to the most expensive in a range of coffins in the brilliant “six Feet Under”. it was shiny metallic black with what looked like stainless steel fixings. i read this as a ironic comment on the attempted materialising of the ultimate proof of the futility of materialistic living. buying this big obscenely expensive, over-specified war chest of a coffin is like a last ditch effort to cramp in some more material support for the sole as it returns to the immaterial void.

I don’t thing my frame really creates this same statement and its not supposed to. its just a picture frame. the name just sprung to mind and as far as picture frames go it is a titan. If i extend my range of frames to sell without my work in them I’d like to make a rubber and stainless version. something for the Sadomasochistic scene. it would be awesome for those treasured erotic S & M photos, wouldn’t it?.. LOL… maybe it needs a few studs.

i don’t have any erotic art of my own to put in this image, but my wife says just about all my compositions contain phallic and vaginal imagery. most of the time she talks shit, but one this instance she may have a point although its not intentional. Its my feeling that if you play with symmetry and visual dynamics you will inevitably end up making things that look like flowers and genitals. nature has found all the best solutions for attracting and focusing our attentions via the visual sense.

A Custom Picture Frame For A New Sophisticated Breed Of Digital Art

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

New Custom Picture Frame Design

this variation on my original node frame should provide a more robust seal around the print and also have the capacity to take thicker print mounts, even stretched canvases.

i’m thinking about building a new shop on a different domain to sell my work in these frames. this site is really the complete online manifestation of my output and has a strong ‘digital arts’ theme. people are not buying digital art like they buy paintings. partly because of the immature nature of a lot of digital art on the net. saying this however, i do feel that the best of the digital art out there is the most pioneering, intelligent and exciting art being made today in any medium. of course i would say this:)

so digital art is, more often than not, immature as an art form – what do i mean by this? the digital art market is immature with few if any tested models for serious artists exploring the medium to sell their work through. digital art is rarely seen in the serious commercial galleries and art fairs. there exists no established place where art buyers go to look for real investment in serious digital artists. doesn’t count LOL
by definition there cannot be an established outlet of this nature being as digital art is not yet established itself within the wider art world.

there is also the question of mature subject matter and themes for digital art. a lot of digital art is woefully puerile in it subject matter. you now the sort of thing: fantasy art, erotic art and the crude post processing of bad digital photography. this 21st Century digital folk art is really just the product of the first generation of net users who were predominantly techies and had to be techies in order to manipulate the software. it isn’t that techies are any less creative than your average painting artist. there is a lot of techy art on the net that has just as much compositional invention and strength as the sort of painted art people are paying big bugs for in Cork Street. Its just that artist working within conventional mediums have an almost infinitely rich pool of artistic language and subject matter to draw upon that has evolved over many centuries. modern painters may not like to concede that they are repeating anything that has been done in the last century, but the languages and themes of modern painting are now so thoroughly ingrained in our culture that a painter can use them like an english poetry uses the english language. a poetry does not have to reinvent his core language to make his statement. he couldn’t better the fundamentals of the language if he tried. we can modify the superficial character of the language, but 99% of the vocabulary and grammar is universally understood and can not be improved upon by one individual. the vocabulary and grammar of painting is also effortless used by painters and there is little radical innovation at this level left to be explored. digital art however is only just beginning to find its own inherent grammatical structures that will evolve out of the peculiarities of different digital tools. many of the themes seen in the ‘digital folk art’ i have described have been borrowed from the techies sci-fi stimulated childhood imaginations. these are not the themes that will become intrinsic to digital forms as time goes on however. i predict that in the 22nd Century that a mediocre digital artist, like the mediocre painter today, will be able to make art that draws on a rich history of art language and subject matter and make digital imagery that looks to all eyes like ‘sophisticated’ mature art. the craft of digital art making will be universally appreciated and artist will find new ways to make digital art unique works. print technology will evolve and new accepted art objects will become convention. the digital print, in whatever form it takes, will become as ubiquitous and converted as the painted canvas is today. only however, hopefully, it won’t crack, fade or peel like the painted canvas does today after just a few decades.

Bespoke Retro Picture Frame 2.0

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Bespoke Retro Picture Frame

i’ve been trying to get some reasonable photos of my frames with my new retroesk seals. this picture doesn’t really show them off, but its not this that caught my attention with this photo. the vertical shadows cast by the frame have given me an idea. i think these frames would work really well on a wallpaper with a strong vertical emphasis. something also a bit retro maybe. my problem is that at the moment my only way to play with this idea is in software, which make a poor substitute for a photo. anyone out their owns a wallpaper design studio? the paper type that is.




Retro Wallpaper And New Node Frame Renders

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Glass Node Frame On Root2Art Retro Wallpaper

this is my first attempt at creating a 3dmax model of a Node Frame in an environment. the wood still looks like plastic and the stainless steel poles look more like chrome, but its an improvement over previous attempts. i only started using serious modeling software last year and i’m still a novice with it. however, building and rendering in software is a craft that can be learn through diligence and practice, so its just a question of putting in the time and learning from those out there who can do a better job. i feel modelling and rendering a completed design in software is a bit like cooking. obviously there is a creative component, but there is a huge element of technical knowledge and understanding of ingredients which is only really born out of experience. maybe all designs like this, and it just because cooking and 3d modelling are two things i aspire to be good at, but still struggle with technically.

i’m keen to develop some good 3d models of my Node Frames as i will be able to show all my prints in this context without having to build 100 or so frames and photograph each one.