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New Seamless Pattern Resource For MySpace, Blog and Personal Website Backgrounds

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 ScreenShot

Checkout my all new Its a seamless pattern resource to replace the one i used to have on this domain, but had to remove for technical reasons. This collection of patterns are fully color editable plus you are now able to view and download them at different sizes. Its a cool feature that’s adds a new dimension to the collection.

The site is primarily aimed at those seeking MySpace and Blog backgrounds as this is where the demand is. There is, however a fabric shop where any design in any color combination can be ordered on a range of quality cotton fabrics.

One thing I’d like to develop for the future asides from adding to the collection of available designs is to have a flash based color editor. SVG which is what is used in the current editor still has accessibility issues and I have not been able to get the current editor working in Opera browsers.

Seamless Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Seamless Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo

After a couple of months fannying around expanding my knowledge of php and javascript, i’ve finally launched my ‘Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo’.

You can now create an account and save patterns from the color editing Gizmo and also browse through the 100s of color tiles already made by my users. I’ve also built a shop where you can buy your pattern on a stretched canvas in a range of sizes.

I also got a rudimentary fabric ordering service where any pattern can be ordered as a continuous design on quality cotton fabrics. I am now building a more sophisticated utility to make ording and sizing of the pattern much easier.

I plan to extend the range of pattern types to about 50 over the coming year. I already have about 20 on my hard drive which are awaiting formatting for this project.

Since adding the library I became a little miffed to find not as many users are now using the Gizmo, most likely because they are finding what they want in the library instead of having to fashion a color scheme themselves. I will have to find some other way to entice people in to play with this tool. Believe me, its strangely satisfying to use.

The library is already seeing about a 1000 users a day and i haven’t done much optimisation.

MySpace Background Creator Launches In Color Pattern Gizmo

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

color pattern gizmo

After a bit of a struggle i finally have the background tile generator in my Color Pattern Gizmo’ working. Go ahead and have a play – its fun and free.

The canvases and fabrics will be on sale within a week… i hope.

This blog has been quite of late, mainly due to this project. Investing time in developing this application hopefully will generate me a bit of cash. However more importantly, this work will provide me with a new set of tools I will be able to apply in developing new forms of user/artist creation.

SVG Javascript Color editor

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007


i haven’t posted much recently because i’ve been busy stretching my coding ability creating a new pattern creation utility. when finished users will be able to select from my pattern designs and add their own color schemes and apply the resulting unique pattern to many cool products. These will include stretched printed canvases, fabric for textiles designers, and free myspace background tiles. I’ll also be using the utility myself to create a large pre-colored pattern library.

you can’t save your patterns yet, but you can play – enjoy!

SVG Pattern Color editor

Color Patterns for Textiles

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Color Patterns for Textiles

my wife is into textiles and is twisting my arm to make some fabric pattern designs. many of my myspace background patterns i feel would translate when into fabric print, but i thought i’d design something specifically for the medium.

pattern for me lends itself much more readily to exploring variations in colour than what i call ‘art composition’. repeating pattern is not concerned so much with structure and form which is the primary concern of the main root2art body of work. it seems funny to me how many comments i have received about the colouration of my monochrome work. for me, working in pure tone (greyscale) is simply a way of working with form and structure more directly. its a way of keeping relationships as clear as possible. i never chose to work in monochrome because i like it as a colour scheme over other colours.

however, the discipline of pattern making for me seems to have plenty of room within its logic for the addition of colour. even with this additional layer of information within its visual language still very pure things can be found. the only variable in the 4 patterns above is colour and tone, if indeed, these are not the same thing.

Retro Blur Pattern II

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Retro Blur Digital Art

the fact that i have nothing to say about this, would probably indicate its destined to the archives. at least in this retro blurry manifestation.

New Geometric Pattern Background

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Geometric Abstract Pattern

New Geometric Pattern Background – a variation on an old favourite motif. i thought of this one in the shower. would make nice abstract retro wrapping paper.

New Blue Retro Flower Pattern Background Collection

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Retro Flower Background

Retro Wallpaper And New Node Frame Renders

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Glass Node Frame On Root2Art Retro Wallpaper

this is my first attempt at creating a 3dmax model of a Node Frame in an environment. the wood still looks like plastic and the stainless steel poles look more like chrome, but its an improvement over previous attempts. i only started using serious modeling software last year and i’m still a novice with it. however, building and rendering in software is a craft that can be learn through diligence and practice, so its just a question of putting in the time and learning from those out there who can do a better job. i feel modelling and rendering a completed design in software is a bit like cooking. obviously there is a creative component, but there is a huge element of technical knowledge and understanding of ingredients which is only really born out of experience. maybe all designs like this, and it just because cooking and 3d modelling are two things i aspire to be good at, but still struggle with technically.

i’m keen to develop some good 3d models of my Node Frames as i will be able to show all my prints in this context without having to build 100 or so frames and photograph each one.