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London 2012 Olympics Logo Root2Art Style

Friday, June 8th, 2007

2012 London Olympics Logo

To celebrate the fantastic new £400,000 London 2012 Olympics Logo I thought I’d knock one off of my own – Root2Art Style. I’ve kept it monochrome but i feel its strong enough to take on pretty much any color that is called for. lets face it, color is very personal and location specific. it would be fun if other designers took on the challenge of designing a variation of the Olympics Logo and stick them up on their blogs for people to use as an alternative to the official ‘icon’ . I’m not convinced by the epilepsy story, but even if it were true I would be in no position to criticize. Anyone looking through my animations I’m sure might feel like having a fit even if they are not epileptic.

London 2012 Olympics Logo

I should Just add that anyone wanting to use my unofficial London 2012 Olympics Logo can use it, unconditionally for free. It only took five minutes to design and I’d feel guilty for charging for a bit of fun.

Yoga Sitting Master Icon

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Buddist Yoga Sitting Master Logo

a friend of mine Sipra Pimputkar asked me if i would design a logo for their yoga class. on this occasion the subject interests me so i had a bash although obviously my output is primarily abstract. the logo is not fully resolved yet, but it is close. this theme has been inside me for many years and i have tried on many occasions to bring it into the root2art language and failed. on this occasion the work grow by itself and it only took 20mins to get to what you see here. sometimes when asked to make something with a specific theme i work with greater freedom. may be this way it is more genuinely spontaneous.

i’m now looking forward to making some variations on this theme. i’ve thought for a long while that the image of a figure sitting in meditation is often perceived in the west as intrinsically Eastern. my own feeling is that it is simply intrinsically human. i’ve had the desire to produce an image of the mediator in a more western language – something that those in the west who find meaning in the image to feel as it if is home grown and not imported. one of my own particular interests in art has been studying how the aesthetics of Buddhism has morphed as it has been adopted by different cultures – somewhat like the ego-less monk who adapts seamlessly and effortlessly with his environment whatever it might be.

New SVG Logo Download Center

Thursday, March 29th, 2007


I’ve built a SVG logo download site complete with svg to png converter so that users can conveniently create raster files to the exact size they require. One nice feature of this ‘Rasterizer’ which users a java module called batik, is that it doesn’t create an anti-alias border. The produced png logos sit on any color background without the need to crop a pixel from the edge. i think this combination of svg and batik has huge potential for graphic artists creating interactive vector graphic applications where the end product is a raster file. Such as, seamless background files, customised buttons, and personalized social network graphics. There seems to be a huge number of people searching for this kind of thing and a ready market ready to exploit for those designers who want to take leap of faith with SVG. I say this as there are still accessibility issues for SVG. Users of ie are required to download a plugin from adobe in order to view SVG content. This has been the thorn in the side of SVG developers for since its inception.

With my own SVG project Color Pattern Gizmo I’ve been working to make this process as painless and appealing as possible. The method of prompting users to download SVG plug-ins is however not an optimised process and needs to be looked at by some more talented programmers than me. That is , until a time when MS supports SVG natively within its browsers. The trouble is that nearly all SVG applications on the net only receive developer-centric traffic, so user friendly and non-cerebral pugin download and installation is not important to this group. The typical user searching for free myspace graphics however is going to leave any site without thinking when confronted with a javascript alert box telling them the site they are looking at is essentially broken unless they are prepared to fix their browser.

I should mention that both the latest versions of FireFox and opera now support svg without the need for a plug-in. If and when Microsoft will follow suit i have no idea.

SVG Logo unofficial variations

Monday, February 26th, 2007

i don’t know when the official SVG logo variation will be chosen and released, but this is one of my own personal favorites.

however, my wive says it looks like a tv with an aerial on top. she has an uncanny knack of finding unwanted associations in my work. personally i don’t see it and on this occassion i’m putting it down to her dizzy random female logic.

svg logos

Funky Swirly Logos Fun

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

these are some variations on a logo i made for a client that never got used. i was playing with them the other day and thought they deserved to be posted in my blog if nothing else. these are pretty cheerful logos and i like that. it would be a shame to store them away in my dark harddrive where they might become depressed.

swirl logo

swirl flower logo

SVG Logo Animation

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

SVG logo Animation

this image is a gif, but will hope to have a svg version pretty soon.

Nice’n Simple

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

simple root2art icon

been making ID icons again. one day i’m looking at making things simpler - the next at getting more ambitious and complex. actually, in art i don’t think the two are any different.

Getting The Polish Out On My Shiny Logos And Diasec Prints

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

 Shiny Logos

I wonder if shininess is a fade and the shiny thing will date rapidly as the language of internet graphics evolves into more mature forms. I like it now, but at the same time am holding back from using the effect in all the work I am now producing. I’ve always looked for compositional strength over sensation and effect. I feel strong dynamic composition is the basis of all art from all ages. Effect, conversely, I feel soon looses its impact and relevancy as the collective visual language of art evolves. So, as with colour, I only add this sensual element only once I’m convinced I can not develop the tonal structure an further.

Diasec Print

Shiny Prints, however I feel may be a more enduring property of physical art. Mainly because it is just that and not a aspect of artistic language. I’ve recently been trying to create some 3d graphics that reveal the deep gloss of my new range of Diasec prints. I was very please with this render, but after my all knowing wife commented that it looked pixelated I’m no longer sure. Before I launch into an epic session with 3d max producing renders for each one of my compositions I need to be sure that they represent the real product.

Diasec ® Printing

This is a patented method of adhering the image side of photos, transparencies, prints and various types of graphic artwork to transparent material such as plexiglass.

The Diasec ® process guarantees adhesion without air bubbles and without visible dust or glue-residue. This method is suitable for images to be sandwiched between plexiglass or glass. The colour-contrast is emphasized, giving images a completely new dimension. When high-gloss plexiglass is used, subtle details are considerably enhanced.

New Root2Art Links Logo Designs

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Root2Art Digital Art Links Logo

To make linking to my site easier, I’ve designed some logos and produced the appropriate code to make adding them to a page that much easier. Its pretty basic stuff I know, but it might be an obstacle for some novice users. The logos aren’t as big as this one needless to say.

This design really has grown out of the work I done for the SVG logo design contest.

New Root2Art Links Logos And Banners