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Optical Art Background Tile

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Optical Art Background Tile

If it doesn’t make you go blind this makes an interesting repeating background tile. I’m not actually setting out to make optical art, I’m more interested in this instance with the underlying family of ellipses. The tones I have used here come from a method I am developing to visually represent values in simple arithmetic patterns I am exploring. The result of this geekiness is quite fun. Or does it only feel fun for the geek?

Here is the URL to a slightly smaller version of this tile:-

Feel free to use it for your blog or MySpace profile background, if this is your thing!

Seamless Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Seamless Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo

After a couple of months fannying around expanding my knowledge of php and javascript, i’ve finally launched my ‘Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo’.

You can now create an account and save patterns from the color editing Gizmo and also browse through the 100s of color tiles already made by my users. I’ve also built a shop where you can buy your pattern on a stretched canvas in a range of sizes.

I also got a rudimentary fabric ordering service where any pattern can be ordered as a continuous design on quality cotton fabrics. I am now building a more sophisticated utility to make ording and sizing of the pattern much easier.

I plan to extend the range of pattern types to about 50 over the coming year. I already have about 20 on my hard drive which are awaiting formatting for this project.

Since adding the library I became a little miffed to find not as many users are now using the Gizmo, most likely because they are finding what they want in the library instead of having to fashion a color scheme themselves. I will have to find some other way to entice people in to play with this tool. Believe me, its strangely satisfying to use.

The library is already seeing about a 1000 users a day and i haven’t done much optimisation.