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Pattern Cross Wall Art

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Pattern Cross Wall Art

Square Pusher – more op art

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

square pusher op art

yes i am a fan of ‘Square Pusher’ tech maestro, but no this piece has nothing to do with his music. it just seemed like an apt name.

New Seamless Pattern Resource For MySpace, Blog and Personal Website Backgrounds

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 ScreenShot

Checkout my all new Its a seamless pattern resource to replace the one i used to have on this domain, but had to remove for technical reasons. This collection of patterns are fully color editable plus you are now able to view and download them at different sizes. Its a cool feature that’s adds a new dimension to the collection.

The site is primarily aimed at those seeking MySpace and Blog backgrounds as this is where the demand is. There is, however a fabric shop where any design in any color combination can be ordered on a range of quality cotton fabrics.

One thing I’d like to develop for the future asides from adding to the collection of available designs is to have a flash based color editor. SVG which is what is used in the current editor still has accessibility issues and I have not been able to get the current editor working in Opera browsers.

Easy To Make Complex Patterns

Monday, May 14th, 2007

color zen patterns

i’ve tweaked the original pattern below to allow greater freedom with color choice, but the essential tonal metering remains the same. these four patterns took just a few minutes to edit in the gizmo and together they produce quite a rich texture.

one of my ultimate goals with this project is to create tools that just about anyone can use to create beautiful new creations. the art will be in the design of these tools, but users will feel like it is coming from them. that’s my plan anyway, i don’t know if it is possible, but now i have plenty of users, i can in turn use them to test my ideas. together i think we can have a fair crack at developing quite a unique mode of art creation:)

Tonal Metering For Complex Compositions In Color Gizmo

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Iconic Pattern Art

i realised today that there is a simple way to enable uses to color edit just about all my output without killing the tonal structure. the tonal structure being my own primary concern and the key to my compositions. with my color pattern gizmo i’m experimenting giving users control over the coloration of some of my pattern designs. however colors can be arbitrary and thus uses also have control over the tonal structure of the patterns. this is good for simple patterns, but when it comes to editing more complex graphics where certain tonal relationships are critical to the graphic working visual, limitations need to be built into the gizmo. this actually makes for a much more satisfying color editing experience as it is far easier to create something that looks good.

See example of new pattern like the one above, but without the graduation. (the tonal metering is subtle but makes a big difference to the overall balance of the pattern. You’ll have to send it to the gizmo to fully appreciate the effect.

what this means for me, is that this technique enables me to integrate all my composition work into the color project and let users interact with it and apply to products.