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The Titan Sadomasochistic Erotic Art Frame… he he

Friday, June 8th, 2007

The Titan Contemporary Picture Frame

The Titan… Cheesy name or what? The Titan was a name given to the most expensive in a range of coffins in the brilliant “six Feet Under”. it was shiny metallic black with what looked like stainless steel fixings. i read this as a ironic comment on the attempted materialising of the ultimate proof of the futility of materialistic living. buying this big obscenely expensive, over-specified war chest of a coffin is like a last ditch effort to cramp in some more material support for the sole as it returns to the immaterial void.

I don’t thing my frame really creates this same statement and its not supposed to. its just a picture frame. the name just sprung to mind and as far as picture frames go it is a titan. If i extend my range of frames to sell without my work in them I’d like to make a rubber and stainless version. something for the Sadomasochistic scene. it would be awesome for those treasured erotic S & M photos, wouldn’t it?.. LOL… maybe it needs a few studs.

i don’t have any erotic art of my own to put in this image, but my wife says just about all my compositions contain phallic and vaginal imagery. most of the time she talks shit, but one this instance she may have a point although its not intentional. Its my feeling that if you play with symmetry and visual dynamics you will inevitably end up making things that look like flowers and genitals. nature has found all the best solutions for attracting and focusing our attentions via the visual sense.