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New Seamless Pattern Resource For MySpace, Blog and Personal Website Backgrounds

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 ScreenShot

Checkout my all new Its a seamless pattern resource to replace the one i used to have on this domain, but had to remove for technical reasons. This collection of patterns are fully color editable plus you are now able to view and download them at different sizes. Its a cool feature that’s adds a new dimension to the collection.

The site is primarily aimed at those seeking MySpace and Blog backgrounds as this is where the demand is. There is, however a fabric shop where any design in any color combination can be ordered on a range of quality cotton fabrics.

One thing I’d like to develop for the future asides from adding to the collection of available designs is to have a flash based color editor. SVG which is what is used in the current editor still has accessibility issues and I have not been able to get the current editor working in Opera browsers.

Time to Purify

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

I’ve had to remove my pattern library, color gizmo and related elements from this site due to problems they were creating for my server. I will be moving these parts to a new pattern orientated site sometime in the future. This has also prompted me to purge my site of various bits that were only here to drive traffic, but traffic I now figure on reflection, that is not really interested in the core theme of my site.

Generally however, over the coming months I will be taking some time away from creating artwork and other projects to concentrate on deepening my Buddhist meditation practice.

What’s Going Brown?

Monday, October 29th, 2007

What’s Going Brown?

I wish I could think of something intelligent to write on my pictures.

Yes, i’ve been making a new homepage. The top is the same, but if you scroll down you’ll see I’ve had a tidy up. My site has become a bit messy over the last year with lots of pages left over from older versions of this site. The new home pages marks the start of a concerted effort to unify and condense the different parts of this domain.

The picture above is nothing really, I just liked the retro brown vibe going on.

New Retro T-shirts Designs On The Way

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Retro Circle Design T-Shirt

I’m finally getting round to ditching my Cafepress store and getting some new shirt designs made here in the UK with a quality screen printer. My new retro shirts will be for sale in my new print shop within a couple of weeks.

Saatchi Online Showdown – New Call Of Duty For Old Painting

Monday, September 10th, 2007

self portrait 1994
Click image for full color version

The Saatchi Online Gallery Showdown is an exciting monthly competition run on the massively popular Visitors to the site can vote on artworks from an open submission with numerous rounds of voting determining a winner that gets to have his/her picture hung in the new Saatchi Gallery. A quick scan of the submissions that received the most votes last month reveals a marked preference for figurative painting. No digital art as yet, which is not really a surprise.

Wanting to enter this great Showdown I’ve decided to draw on my archive of paintings from my pre root2art days fancying my chances more with this medium. I’m very fond of this painting and have it hanging in my studio. It has a history of some personal significance. It was the painting I made directly after being rejected from art school for the second time. It was my attempt to confirm my artistic ambition and self-belief when it was being called into question by my contact with the academic world. I brought together everything I thought I had learnt at the tender age of 19 and produced something that maybe is a little naive, but still has a spirit I think I will always be proud of.

It would be marvelously ironic if this painting was to do well in this showdown and be the first of my works to catch the attention of someone as influential as Charles Saatchi. I’ve read he has a liking for painting so this could be my best chance at wetting his appetite. Of course there is a vast amount of good competition so its all a bit hypothetical to talk about doing well. Early indications however are showing it is getting a thumbs up from the voters.

My Art Space for MyArtSpace

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

My Art Space are running a competition which seems half way decent, although they are charging which makes anyone entering, myself included, seem a little gullible and desperate. I did a little research on the jurors and they have a few credentials between them. They include:-

Jessica Morgan, Curator, Contemporary Art, The Tate Modern, London
James Rondeau, Frances and Thomas Dittmer Curator of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute of Chicago
Steven Zevitas, Publisher and Editor of New American Paintings

I figure, assuming they get to see all the entries and they are not picked over first by the MyArtSpace secutery, that at £12 ($25), an entry would be a cheap advert to a very targeted bunch of curators. Its also possible that those jurors spend as much time on the net as the rest of us plebs, and some of that good digital aesthetic that gives form to the prettier places on the net has started to seep into their institutionalised visual vocabularies (and started to liberate them…LOL). If by a miracle my work is recognised as being real art by the jurors and they visit my site and read this, then I’ve probably just shot myself in the bollocks.

Still, I have to enjoy being ‘underground’ whilst I can, before I too become institutionalized.

Seamless Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Seamless Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo

After a couple of months fannying around expanding my knowledge of php and javascript, i’ve finally launched my ‘Color Pattern Library and Fun Color Editing Gizmo’.

You can now create an account and save patterns from the color editing Gizmo and also browse through the 100s of color tiles already made by my users. I’ve also built a shop where you can buy your pattern on a stretched canvas in a range of sizes.

I also got a rudimentary fabric ordering service where any pattern can be ordered as a continuous design on quality cotton fabrics. I am now building a more sophisticated utility to make ording and sizing of the pattern much easier.

I plan to extend the range of pattern types to about 50 over the coming year. I already have about 20 on my hard drive which are awaiting formatting for this project.

Since adding the library I became a little miffed to find not as many users are now using the Gizmo, most likely because they are finding what they want in the library instead of having to fashion a color scheme themselves. I will have to find some other way to entice people in to play with this tool. Believe me, its strangely satisfying to use.

The library is already seeing about a 1000 users a day and i haven’t done much optimisation.

MySpace Background Creator Launches In Color Pattern Gizmo

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

color pattern gizmo

After a bit of a struggle i finally have the background tile generator in my Color Pattern Gizmo’ working. Go ahead and have a play – its fun and free.

The canvases and fabrics will be on sale within a week… i hope.

This blog has been quite of late, mainly due to this project. Investing time in developing this application hopefully will generate me a bit of cash. However more importantly, this work will provide me with a new set of tools I will be able to apply in developing new forms of user/artist creation.

SVG Javascript Color editor

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007


i haven’t posted much recently because i’ve been busy stretching my coding ability creating a new pattern creation utility. when finished users will be able to select from my pattern designs and add their own color schemes and apply the resulting unique pattern to many cool products. These will include stretched printed canvases, fabric for textiles designers, and free myspace background tiles. I’ll also be using the utility myself to create a large pre-colored pattern library.

you can’t save your patterns yet, but you can play – enjoy!

SVG Pattern Color editor

Winning SVG Logo Contest!

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

svg icon

my entry to the svg logo design contest was a success! i am very grateful to the organises to be selected in first place. you can see all the finalists here. you will see i was up against some very inventive designers. i was careful from the outset of producing my design to stick very closely to the brief and it paid off.

svg logo

you can see my complete body of work entered to the competition here.


Root2Art Submission To The ‘The Brain Project 2006 – Theme: Borders’

Friday, November 17th, 2006

i’ve submitted a work to an international visual digital art competition organized by the Cultural Association ‘Acquamarina’ Italy. thebrainproject 

the competition calls for a conceptual component on the theme of ‘borders. if you like the conceptual dimension to my work, then you might enjoy reading this:-

i’ve posted the piece on this blog before so i won’t show it again.


New Art Investment Pages For Custom Node Frame Collection

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

As well as a new home page this week I’ve uploaded some pages on my Node Frame collection

Investment In The Root2Art Node Frame Collection

I’ve also rejigged the whole directory structure of the site for seo reasons, but you won’t notice any real change looking through the different sections. my next priority is to get some good photos of my frames as at the moment the computer renders are not doing the product any justice. i also have plans to launch an experimental prising scheme for my work which i will be using to drum up a bit of publicity.

oh yes, I’ve also created an art buyers questionnaire to get a better handle on what you want and expect when buying art online. fill it in and i’ll send you some limited edition signed root2art postcards for free.

custom picture frame

custom node frame


Commission A Root2Art Sculpture And Together We Will Deliver Unimaginable Form

Monday, September 18th, 2006

I’ve revamped my sculpture page to make it more visible to the search engines.  In doing this I’m also emphasising my commitment to realising some major sculptural projects and to enable this I’ve decided to actively seek a commission. Lack of adequate funds in the past has stopped me making a serious investigation into sculpture and i’ve instead focused on my 2D output.

The images in the sculpture pages should be seen as sketches and in many respects the forms are quite crude and the readers a tad cheesy. However, I hope some visitors will also see that some of the seed ideas shown contain real potential for some very unique development. Check’em out!

Root2art Sculptural Foetuses waiting to be born

Commission a Sculpture

A Few New Original Root2Art T-Shirts

Sunday, September 17th, 2006


I’ve added a new tishirt section to this site. i’ll be adding more shirts over the comming months.

Cool Unique Root2Art T-Shirts


Art Investors Standby For The Cutting-Edge Of The Emerging Digital Art Market

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

The opportunity for finding new artistic expression in the adoption of new digital media

New digital media and the internet is providing artists an opportunity to invent entirely new modes of creating art and establish new standards in the way art is physically put together and sold to us. Internet art and design is evolving at a tremendous pace and new visual language is enabling new expression and meaning in the digital arts to take shape. The internet is where the real cutting edge of contemporary art is taking place and the now traditional art markets and arenas established in the last century are about to witness the biggest art revolution since advent of modernism.


Big investment opportunities created by innovation in digital art

Its my prediction that the new breed of city working art investors will be first recognise the pioneering reality of the new digital art of the twenty first century.  Many of the big collectors and national galleries will be too self assured as to where the boundaries of art lay  to tune into the real creative forces on the net and will eventually become intrinsically linked to the old school of modern art. Postmodernism and recent anti aesthetic media hyped phenomena such as Brit Art have never and will never be important and pioneering movements in art. This often cynical and self-loathing art is, in my view, a natural entropic process as the ingenious crystallisations of art language, expression and meaning that genuinely shocked the world of art at advent of modernism, finally becomes exhausted.


So how would I define the new digital art of the 21st century?

Conventional art wisdom would have us believe that anything goes, but if we look art history the most important art movements are just this because the art that drives them share distinct common characteristics. Lame periods in art history are often characterised by grotesque pastiches of past artistic language and ideas and a general ‘everything has been done so everything goes attitude’. This is of course the limited thinking of the uninventive. I believe there will always be periods in art of complete reinvention and the advent of the internet and new digital tools has provided the catalyst for one such period. Therefore, new digital art as I see it is art that’s bred out of the medium of the internet and digital media and not simply just new media applied to the conventional art thinking. I would also say this: truly ingenious art will always be life affirming. It may deal with a dark subject matter, but its reinvention of its subject adds to the richness of our experience of the world. Art therefore does not imitate the appearance of things or life but creates new texture in our experience of reality.

New Archival Print and Display Innovations Set to Increase Interest In Investments In Digital Art

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

i wrote the material below for my myspace acount outlining some of the new ideas i’ve been formulating over the last few months. after writing i figured this was may be to formal for this most informal of forums. its stuff, i’m very excited about  however and the ideas are forming the core of the new components i am currently building for my site. i think maybe in one or two weeks i will be ready to upload. my initial thinking was that i could use myspace to host a debate on the following ideas, but maybe a forum here at would be better. i’ve disabled the comment functionality from this blog as i was constantly pestered with spam. feedback is welcome however at

Do You Have An Experience Of Marketing Your Art Online You Would Like To Share?
In particular I’d like to engage with other visual artists working in digital media and share promotional experiments and marketing experiences.

I believe new digital media provides pioneering artists an opportunity for fresh approaches to distributing and applying their output with a view to gaining wide exposure and a real income. Rather than trying to tailor my own output to meet the concerns of high street commercial galleries, I’m keeping my focus fixed on the Internet as a serious vehicle to reach, connect and sell to a large audience.

New Digital Media Provide Opportunity To Raise Archival Standards Of  21st Century Art
Today, with the advent of new digital printing and materials technologies there is an opportunity to take a new look at the way art is physically put together and sold to us. Not enough attention was drawn to the longevity and stability of art media in the last century. Consequently many important artworks produced, even in the second half of the last century, have already undergone expensive conservation in order to preserve them for future generations. Digital media allows us to start from scratch and use high archival standards as a starting point from which to design the our art display and construction systems.

Investment In Digital Art Is The Next Big Thing!
I believe that exciting new digital artists, through a savvy adoption of Internet marketing techniques, and by working together can create an art arena and digital art market that will be seen by art investors and collectors as the ‘next big thing’. With a new breed of executive high flying investors putting huge amount of their cash into art investments, the art market is no longer controlled by the aging canvas loving aficionados of the 20th century. The young bankers, traders and lawyers who are now buying art as recreational assets have a relationship have a personal relationship with Internet. They are tuned in to digital visual language and it can speak to them on a emotional level. The shift now needs to be made into realising the new wave of truly cutting-edge digital creativity into high quality, bespoke and archival products that buyers want to own. I’ve developed some of my own solutions to this transitional problem with some promising results and I’m sure there are others looking at the same problem.

Root2Art @ Myspace. Choosing an Icon

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

flower_icon difference.gif

i’ve thought i’d create a myspace account being as i’ve been hearing a lot about this phenomenon from my kids and friends. i figured, in order to fully access the experience for myself, i should make something i could be proud of. it turned out to be quite a challenge being as myspace does not really avail itself to quick and easy css modification. yes you can use one of the many layout gens out there, but the effect they produce is a little too free form for my bent on order and precision.

i spent a whole day playing with icons. being as most peoples first contact with you is via this little ego motif i figure something animated would possibly draw attention too itself from amongst the millions of pretty faces. it strikes me as a balance between the eye catching, and the understated. understated is cool, isn’t it? i’m just picking up on what my kids tell me.




i’m currently using this second one as the first whilst taking a long time to make bugs me a little. i simply don’t enjoy looking at it for any length of time. i think maybe it needs a pause in the middle of the cycle. the second one maybe does just as much, but with simpler elements.

FREE Root2Art Postcards and Greetings Cards Coming Soon!

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Yes folks, in a week or so i will be giving away a whole bunch of Root2Art cards for you to either keep or send to your favourite people. why would i do this?

well, i’m on the brink starting on a major journey here at this site and there will be many free goodies to be had for those who want to stay with me for the ride. i can’t reveal too much yet, but the scheme that is taking shape is about providing you and those in the loop with the highest quality art products that can be imagined. this is the mission of Root2Art, to bring bespoke design and highly original art into your environment. in order to promote my new art products i’m giving lots of cool goodies away. so standby.

here are a few cards a designed to day. watch this space for more details!


Root2art Node Framing Systems

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Node Frames

the node frame is here!

here is a series of my own work in the new frames

and here is a bit more background

 still a lot of website to make.

Get your Root2art T-shirts

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

its now ready for your money. the current line of t-shirts available in my new cafepress store have a bit of a retro edge. i’ve adapted some of my simple motifs to work on black t-shirts. check’m out!


Friday, February 17th, 2006

Free Download section now finished apart from the all important vector file downloads.

I’ve spent the last couple of days playing around with flickr and its got me thinking. This is now my third major Root2art site, but each time I’ve completed one the very act of developing a site gets me excited about different ways of displaying my work. This time however, this site has been designed to accommodate different modes of enquiry.

Flower on the Moon

I don’t know much about the craft of photography, but I think this is something of a priority for the coming year. I’ve had a reasonable camera for just over a year, but it is only in the last couple of days that I’ve started to feel as if its something I really want to play with.

Triad Photo Shoot

Obviously not a photo, but just 2 days of photographing stuff has influenced my graphic art output.

This is a dull post, but I’ve just got back from the arsehole of the UK (lincolnshire) where I’ve  spent the day scrapping scale out of cooling towers. Sometimes I have to go out and earn some money and its always a real shock to the system. My Brain is still numb from the smell of chlorine and the endless drive.



Free Download Page Update and a little story about me.

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

being as this site is still only a few days old, i’m still posting things here, just to provide a bit of content for anyone who might stumble in. until i get the main body of my site complete, i won’t be adding many genuine posts here. i’m almost done with the free download pages which is something i reckoned on taking much longer. i’ve also started writing a brief history of me, which is probably a bit self-indulgent, but i genuinely feel i have a few stories to spin. See extract below:-

Asides from working to create my own unique artistic voice over the last eleven years, I’d say I done a few other things that are worth a mentioning and actually might be more interesting to the reader. In 97 I got up one morning from the floor of my bed-sit and decided to go and live in the States in a Zen Buddhist Monastery. I’d been developing a practice of Zen Meditation since leaving art school, in an attempt to grabble with a bit of existential disorder. By the summer of 97 I’d developed a quite rigorous and austere practice of meditating in a full lotus for five hours a day. As a direct result of this mind training I genuinely felt pretty impervious to all adversity. However, nothing particularly testing was happening to me, so I decided to put my calmness to the test. I should add, this process, was quite genuine and the effort I made at the time, to transform my mind from being pretty messed up to being pretty sane, was beyond any effort I could imagine summoning now.
So in August 97, I got up and decided to bury my art for an undetermined period and fly to the States to attain ‘enlightenment’. It took me a few weeks to raise the cash for the flight, which I done by selling some old work for peanuts. When I landed in Toronto, I had 20$ to my name. I deliberately spent this in the first day just to limit my options. When your options are limited, it’s easier to live and work instinctively and not get caught up weighing the pro and cons of every possibility. That’s my take anyway. Living on the road, with no money, in the States is actually quite easy; if you are prepare to rough it. I read somewhere before I made the transatlantic journey, that the US as a nation wasted a third of its food. The US also had some of the best Zen teachers in the world. It was the natural choice for as Zen Bum. I’d already picked up this persona in limited experiments hitching about in the UK, stealing food from supermarket dumpstersBy September 97, I’d become the Ray Mears of the Interstate. I’d say the estimate of a third of food wasted was conservative. I ate a lot of cold junk food from the bins of truck stops, but I never went hungry. Being a veggie for a year previous to this, I couldn’t go to the toilet for a few weeks either. My body simply couldn’t digest my new found taste for salty fatty meat products. In truth I tried to avoid them, but it was either that or cold French fries which had the consistency of earwax. It strikes me now that this life style of sleeping on concrete under bridges and porches and dumpster diving could have formed the basis of a number of anthropological studies. Those readers who have seen the superb ‘Super Size Me’ may get where I’m coming from. We see in this documentary what one month of eating shit can do to a healthy body. As it turned out, greasy dumpsters and service station bins became my larder for nearly half a year.

During my Journey in the Sates I hitch hiked and freight train hoped about 12000 miles. Most of this without a penny to my name. Occasionally, people I met gave me some cash, but I usually would end up giving it to a pan handler. Not because I was being particularly generous, but I generally felt it interfered with what I was doing. In the end, what I was doing there, was not what I had first intended. I never got to see a Zen teach, although I did continue to meditate every morning and night. There are limited entertainment facilities under most interstate bridges, so there were often few desirable options. In this journey, meditation was what made living as a bum fairly easy, but meditating living like a bum was really very hard. Living in this way, if one what’s to keep a feeling of self-worth and purpose, one needs a daily structure which needs to be adhered to with discipline and diligence. Being a dedicated artist, who works in isolation is little different. Even the strongest feelings of humiliation, that were inevitable when living for those months in the states, do not compare to the feelings of inadequacy I have felt at times when simply justifying my life as an artist. In 11 years of dedication to making art, I have not made a penny from it to help support my family. I have done this by other means, but not from distributing my art.


Site Launch

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Today’s the day

After 3 months of work I’ve launched this, the new Its not actually finished, but its in a presentable state, with at least half the content in place.