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A Few New Original Root2Art T-Shirts

Sunday, September 17th, 2006


I’ve added a new tishirt section to this site. i’ll be adding more shirts over the comming months.

Cool Unique Root2Art T-Shirts


FREE Root2Art Postcards and Greetings Cards Coming Soon!

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Yes folks, in a week or so i will be giving away a whole bunch of Root2Art cards for you to either keep or send to your favourite people. why would i do this?

well, i’m on the brink starting on a major journey here at this site and there will be many free goodies to be had for those who want to stay with me for the ride. i can’t reveal too much yet, but the scheme that is taking shape is about providing you and those in the loop with the highest quality art products that can be imagined. this is the mission of Root2Art, to bring bespoke design and highly original art into your environment. in order to promote my new art products i’m giving lots of cool goodies away. so standby.

here are a few cards a designed to day. watch this space for more details!