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Get your Root2art T-shirts

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

its now ready for your money. the current line of t-shirts available in my new cafepress store have a bit of a retro edge. i’ve adapted some of my simple motifs to work on black t-shirts. check’m out!


Friday, February 17th, 2006

Free Download section now finished apart from the all important vector file downloads.

I’ve spent the last couple of days playing around with flickr and its got me thinking. This is now my third major Root2art site, but each time I’ve completed one the very act of developing a site gets me excited about different ways of displaying my work. This time however, this site has been designed to accommodate different modes of enquiry.

Flower on the Moon

I don’t know much about the craft of photography, but I think this is something of a priority for the coming year. I’ve had a reasonable camera for just over a year, but it is only in the last couple of days that I’ve started to feel as if its something I really want to play with.

Triad Photo Shoot

Obviously not a photo, but just 2 days of photographing stuff has influenced my graphic art output.

This is a dull post, but I’ve just got back from the arsehole of the UK (lincolnshire) where I’ve  spent the day scrapping scale out of cooling towers. Sometimes I have to go out and earn some money and its always a real shock to the system. My Brain is still numb from the smell of chlorine and the endless drive.



Free Download Page Update and a little story about me.

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

being as this site is still only a few days old, i’m still posting things here, just to provide a bit of content for anyone who might stumble in. until i get the main body of my site complete, i won’t be adding many genuine posts here. i’m almost done with the free download pages which is something i reckoned on taking much longer. i’ve also started writing a brief history of me, which is probably a bit self-indulgent, but i genuinely feel i have a few stories to spin. See extract below:-

Asides from working to create my own unique artistic voice over the last eleven years, I’d say I done a few other things that are worth a mentioning and actually might be more interesting to the reader. In 97 I got up one morning from the floor of my bed-sit and decided to go and live in the States in a Zen Buddhist Monastery. I’d been developing a practice of Zen Meditation since leaving art school, in an attempt to grabble with a bit of existential disorder. By the summer of 97 I’d developed a quite rigorous and austere practice of meditating in a full lotus for five hours a day. As a direct result of this mind training I genuinely felt pretty impervious to all adversity. However, nothing particularly testing was happening to me, so I decided to put my calmness to the test. I should add, this process, was quite genuine and the effort I made at the time, to transform my mind from being pretty messed up to being pretty sane, was beyond any effort I could imagine summoning now.
So in August 97, I got up and decided to bury my art for an undetermined period and fly to the States to attain ‘enlightenment’. It took me a few weeks to raise the cash for the flight, which I done by selling some old work for peanuts. When I landed in Toronto, I had 20$ to my name. I deliberately spent this in the first day just to limit my options. When your options are limited, it’s easier to live and work instinctively and not get caught up weighing the pro and cons of every possibility. That’s my take anyway. Living on the road, with no money, in the States is actually quite easy; if you are prepare to rough it. I read somewhere before I made the transatlantic journey, that the US as a nation wasted a third of its food. The US also had some of the best Zen teachers in the world. It was the natural choice for as Zen Bum. I’d already picked up this persona in limited experiments hitching about in the UK, stealing food from supermarket dumpstersBy September 97, I’d become the Ray Mears of the Interstate. I’d say the estimate of a third of food wasted was conservative. I ate a lot of cold junk food from the bins of truck stops, but I never went hungry. Being a veggie for a year previous to this, I couldn’t go to the toilet for a few weeks either. My body simply couldn’t digest my new found taste for salty fatty meat products. In truth I tried to avoid them, but it was either that or cold French fries which had the consistency of earwax. It strikes me now that this life style of sleeping on concrete under bridges and porches and dumpster diving could have formed the basis of a number of anthropological studies. Those readers who have seen the superb ‘Super Size Me’ may get where I’m coming from. We see in this documentary what one month of eating shit can do to a healthy body. As it turned out, greasy dumpsters and service station bins became my larder for nearly half a year.

During my Journey in the Sates I hitch hiked and freight train hoped about 12000 miles. Most of this without a penny to my name. Occasionally, people I met gave me some cash, but I usually would end up giving it to a pan handler. Not because I was being particularly generous, but I generally felt it interfered with what I was doing. In the end, what I was doing there, was not what I had first intended. I never got to see a Zen teach, although I did continue to meditate every morning and night. There are limited entertainment facilities under most interstate bridges, so there were often few desirable options. In this journey, meditation was what made living as a bum fairly easy, but meditating living like a bum was really very hard. Living in this way, if one what’s to keep a feeling of self-worth and purpose, one needs a daily structure which needs to be adhered to with discipline and diligence. Being a dedicated artist, who works in isolation is little different. Even the strongest feelings of humiliation, that were inevitable when living for those months in the states, do not compare to the feelings of inadequacy I have felt at times when simply justifying my life as an artist. In 11 years of dedication to making art, I have not made a penny from it to help support my family. I have done this by other means, but not from distributing my art.


Examples of media covered

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Here are some examples of the different aspects of my work that will be covered here by this News Blog

Solar Bubble Build - The Bio-x Tent

This is a Liquid Bubble insulated portable tent I designed last summer. see for more details.


Down the Beach Hole – Jan06 I took this photo up the road from my home. This is the first photo I’ve published to the net, other than cheesy family photos. My interest in photography is a new one. You can see my average, but improving photographic experiments at the flickr account below.




Site Launch

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Today’s the day

After 3 months of work I’ve launched this, the new Its not actually finished, but its in a presentable state, with at least half the content in place.