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"my search for a classical form in the emerging medium of digital art" - harvey rayner

Archive for August, 2006

FREE Root2Art Postcards and Greetings Cards Coming Soon!

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Yes folks, in a week or so i will be giving away a whole bunch of Root2Art cards for you to either keep or send to your favourite people. why would i do this?

well, i’m on the brink starting on a major journey here at this site and there will be many free goodies to be had for those who want to stay with me for the ride. i can’t reveal too much yet, but the scheme that is taking shape is about providing you and those in the loop with the highest quality art products that can be imagined. this is the mission of Root2Art, to bring bespoke design and highly original art into your environment. in order to promote my new art products i’m giving lots of cool goodies away. so standby.

here are a few cards a designed to day. watch this space for more details!


New Home Page Designs and the Influence of Sales Copy

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006


i’ve recently been designing a number of new pages for this site to accommodate new content. as usual i’ve been obsessing over the things that probably won’t have an impact either on the traffic or sales on this site. there are many surveys on the net that indicate that ugly sites actually tend to convert more visitors to make a purchase. this is probably down to the fact that if your focus is primarily making thinks look great its likely many other important elements and focus will be neglected, or quite possibly not even thought about. lately i’ve been looking at the sales copy of successful marketing sites and whilst usually tacky to look at they are apparently doing an affective job in terms of either obtaining email addresses or closing a sale.

i abandoned the home page above after studying lots of traditionally successful (tried and tested) sales copy layouts. in my current design below i am now building i’ve tried to find a balance between what works in sales copy and what works for an art site, in terms of giving the visitor an immediate impression of the visual content they will expect to find within the site.


New T-Shirts Designs Brewing

Thursday, August 10th, 2006


Check them out.

Yes I know these are the gay pride colors and it was intentional, and no this does not mean I am gay nor do you have to be gay to wear one. I’m actually very excited about the rainbow colors with these bold simple black and white designs. On a T-shirt it works. Greetings cards next.

T-Shop Coming to Root2art Soon.


Sunday, August 6th, 2006

I’ve created a bunch free of background wallpaper tiles for bloggers and myspacers. Help yourself!


Free Cool Wallpaper Background Tiles