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Archive for January, 2007

Color Patterns for Textiles

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Color Patterns for Textiles

my wife is into textiles and is twisting my arm to make some fabric pattern designs. many of my myspace background patterns i feel would translate when into fabric print, but i thought i’d design something specifically for the medium.

pattern for me lends itself much more readily to exploring variations in colour than what i call ‘art composition’. repeating pattern is not concerned so much with structure and form which is the primary concern of the main root2art body of work. it seems funny to me how many comments i have received about the colouration of my monochrome work. for me, working in pure tone (greyscale) is simply a way of working with form and structure more directly. its a way of keeping relationships as clear as possible. i never chose to work in monochrome because i like it as a colour scheme over other colours.

however, the discipline of pattern making for me seems to have plenty of room within its logic for the addition of colour. even with this additional layer of information within its visual language still very pure things can be found. the only variable in the 4 patterns above is colour and tone, if indeed, these are not the same thing.

‘Time Symmetry’ Digital Animation Project – Electronic Music/Sound Artist Wanted For Collaboration

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

I’ve long been interested in finding visual parallels to the structures in music. I’m very excited about my recent work with animation. I’ve only dabbled in animation until recently, but now I’m looking at it from a potentially more fruitful angle – exploring ideas that I think are probably also at the root of invention in music. I’d now like to take these experiments to the next level and incorporate synchronized audio cues within the work. It would be fascinating to work with a audio artist on this who shares my interest in fundamental metered structure and very abstract digital aesthetics. Sounds a bit geeky I know, but this is only one side to the work. It’s the mechanics if you like, the stuff that make it work. Music composers have been talking about formal compositional devices for centuries and there has evolved terminology to deal with the fabric of music. If geometrically metered and composed visual art ever becomes more common then also would the terminology needed to describe the universal processes.

See my new digital animation cinema page. Time Symmetry Digital Animation Project I will be posting more work in here soon

New Visual Music Animation Inspired By Mozart

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

this is the first 35 frames of a animation i’m currently building exploring some new ideas i have about the symmetry. in this case the symmetry is in time like that found in musical composition. mozart for instance extensively explored the use of symmetric invention within his themes and larger structures. i figure with the very abstract and geometric fabric of my work which is rooted in symmetric invention, that extending these symmetric themes through time is the next significant evolution in my visual language.

it would be awesome to set an animation to music, but i’m not sure i’ve found the right music yet.

Sculpture In Gallery

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Big Gallery Sculpture

I  am very fond of this work although it has troubled me for many years. It took a full year to conceive and yet if you only include the time it took to design the individual element that survive today you could say the whole thing took just 10 mins to come into being. Of course without the 1000s of hrs learning what was essential and what was not the important 10 mins would never of happened.

The piece was never destined to become a sculpture. For much of its evolution it was 2D. It was actually through this 2D development that I arrived at the many of the key properties of what would later become the Root2Art visual language. So really I didn’t just spend thousands of hours working on this project with a single result. Looking back I was actually working towards creating the foundation to new personal way of approaching art making, with this sculpture being a byproduct of that creative journey. This, i guess, is why i am still so attached to it.

I like to see how 3D structures fit together and transmit physical forces. In great built objects I love to see how and why the component parts of a structure are engineered for maximum efficiency. In truth, none of these considerations were part of the DNA of this sculpture. The real DNA of this work has its origins in my fascination with compression and tensile forces as well as geometry, but all within a 2D plane. It is very much an abstract form with no roots in 3D physical evolution. This is my problem, the only way I can see to make it is to cast it. For me a cast reveals very little about the processes and forces that brought it into being, which are in this case processes and forces from another dimension. You will see that the sculpture is essentially an extruded 2D template. Maybe a 4m height by 4m wide extruding die is the real answer!

Digital Mural Installation

Monday, January 1st, 2007

digital art mural

unfortunately for me at least, this is mock-up. i managed to find some very small (3 inchs) men walking down my road and i employed them for a few hours modeling in my personal micro gallery.

you never know, maybe 2007 will be the year when a full size Root2Art exhibition, with full size visitors has a greater chance of happening that the previous one.


Retro Blur Pattern II

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Retro Blur Digital Art

the fact that i have nothing to say about this, would probably indicate its destined to the archives. at least in this retro blurry manifestation.