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Archive for February, 2007

SVG Logo unofficial variations

Monday, February 26th, 2007

i don’t know when the official SVG logo variation will be chosen and released, but this is one of my own personal favorites.

however, my wive says it looks like a tv with an aerial on top. she has an uncanny knack of finding unwanted associations in my work. personally i don’t see it and on this occassion i’m putting it down to her dizzy random female logic.

svg logos

Funky Swirly Logos Fun

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

these are some variations on a logo i made for a client that never got used. i was playing with them the other day and thought they deserved to be posted in my blog if nothing else. these are pretty cheerful logos and i like that. it would be a shame to store them away in my dark harddrive where they might become depressed.

swirl logo

swirl flower logo

SVG Javascript Color editor

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007


i haven’t posted much recently because i’ve been busy stretching my coding ability creating a new pattern creation utility. when finished users will be able to select from my pattern designs and add their own color schemes and apply the resulting unique pattern to many cool products. These will include stretched printed canvases, fabric for textiles designers, and free myspace background tiles. I’ll also be using the utility myself to create a large pre-colored pattern library.

you can’t save your patterns yet, but you can play – enjoy!

SVG Pattern Color editor

Modern Fabric Patterns From Root2Art

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Modern Fabric Patterns

in a few weeks i will launch my Root2Art online fabric shop. ultimately i’d like to have within this the functionality for designers to select their own colors and repeat size for my designs and have them printed as a short or long runs. initially i will be offering 3 choices of 100% cotton fabric.

130grm Poplin for lightweight apparel (1220mm 48″ width by any length)
246gm Sateen for medium-weight apparel and general purpose textiles (1370mm 54″ width by any length)
390grm Half Panama for heavy-weight upholstery and interior design textiles (1470mm 58″ width by any length)

the fabric is printed using the latest pigment based inks for maximum durability, color strength and light-fastness.

Prices will range between £20 and £50 per metre of the widths given above.

if you have any questions about these products please do not hesitate to contact me.