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Retro Wallpaper And New Node Frame Renders

Glass Node Frame On Root2Art Retro Wallpaper

this is my first attempt at creating a 3dmax model of a Node Frame in an environment. the wood still looks like plastic and the stainless steel poles look more like chrome, but its an improvement over previous attempts. i only started using serious modeling software last year and i’m still a novice with it. however, building and rendering in software is a craft that can be learn through diligence and practice, so its just a question of putting in the time and learning from those out there who can do a better job. i feel modelling and rendering a completed design in software is a bit like cooking. obviously there is a creative component, but there is a huge element of technical knowledge and understanding of ingredients which is only really born out of experience. maybe all designs like this, and it just because cooking and 3d modelling are two things i aspire to be good at, but still struggle with technically.

i’m keen to develop some good 3d models of my Node Frames as i will be able to show all my prints in this context without having to build 100 or so frames and photograph each one.

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