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Tonal Metering For Complex Compositions In Color Gizmo

Iconic Pattern Art

i realised today that there is a simple way to enable uses to color edit just about all my output without killing the tonal structure. the tonal structure being my own primary concern and the key to my compositions. with my color pattern gizmo i’m experimenting giving users control over the coloration of some of my pattern designs. however colors can be arbitrary and thus uses also have control over the tonal structure of the patterns. this is good for simple patterns, but when it comes to editing more complex graphics where certain tonal relationships are critical to the graphic working visual, limitations need to be built into the gizmo. this actually makes for a much more satisfying color editing experience as it is far easier to create something that looks good.

See example of new pattern like the one above, but without the graduation. (the tonal metering is subtle but makes a big difference to the overall balance of the pattern. You’ll have to send it to the gizmo to fully appreciate the effect.

what this means for me, is that this technique enables me to integrate all my composition work into the color project and let users interact with it and apply to products.

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