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"my search for a classical form in the emerging medium of digital art" - harvey rayner

Big-Ass-Contemporary-Art Epic

Big Ass Contemporary Art Desktop Wallpaper


Download this image free as a 1280x1024px desktop wallpaper

The guy reading the low-down in the photo looks like a fat Matthew Collings. It would be nice if it was and also if the picture was real. Surely he’d have something to say about it. Or maybe he’d pass it by thinking it was something other than art. You know that’s not as dumb as it sounds. Most of the art of our time seems to revolve around the single idea and the single theme. We are all trying to make art sound bites. There are no epic stories being told in art anymore – well very few. Take Damien Hirst’s latest work: the diamond encrusted platinum skull. Its a pure and distilled idea realised by expensive yet simple means. Don’t get me wrong I really like it, and think its a work that sits at the pinnacle of the present canon of art his work occupies.

My approach, of course, is very different from this and the trend Damien’s work so perfectly demonstrates. My work has never been about reducing and distilling, but rather evolving and building. I feel my themes are like characters in a novel, each with an individual history and each enabling a complex narrative to be constructed. I’ve always wanted to make a work that tells the story of Root2Art in all is complexity. The story twists and characters have idiosyncrasies I could never have imagined ten years ago. I could never create a sound bite art work that encapsulates this rich history. The essences of Root2Art is only really visible when seen in its full complexity. Organizing this complexity into a coherent narrative is the big challenge.

The ‘big ass’ title is not a reference to the Matthew Collings look-alike.

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