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"my search for a classical form in the emerging medium of digital art" - harvey rayner

Zen Flower Root2Art T-Shirt

Empty Flowers In Space T-Shirt

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I guess designing t-shirts appeals to me as it is such a pure medium. From my point of view, as a vehicle for carrying artwork, the tee is like a pure white blank canvas: its hard to imagine how it could be made less fussy or more efficient at what it does. I wonder if the t-shirt will still be around in 100, 500, 1000 years. The blank canvas probably will be. Maybe more of us will be wearing unique designs in the future, and the boundaries between art, design and the clothing will become less clear.

The other reason I’m becoming increasingly keen to design some good shirts is that it is a way for just about anyone who likes my work to own and enjoy it on a personal level. I’d get more of a kick from going to a big city and seeing a stranger wearing one of my t-shirts than going into a big commercial gallery and seeing my art on the wall. Its still a very, very slim percentage of individuals who every set foot in a commercial gallery. Nearly all of us however enjoy wearing a t-shirts on a regular basis regardless of our demographic. In a sense it is one of societies levelers: the fact that we can all gain access to unique and inspiring t-shirts and make a statement with design.

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