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"my search for a classical form in the emerging medium of digital art" - harvey rayner

The Vector in the Spiritual Bitmap

The Vector in the Spiritual Bitmap

Asides from attempting a sacred expression in this work, I’ve also explored a juxtaposition between the two fundamental modes of digital image creation. That is the Vector image and the raster (bitmap) image. The smooth curves of the central motif were obviously created by my usual manipulation of geometry in a vector based piece of software – whilst the pixelated peripheral areas were the produced in a raster based software. I believe in visual art, method and language are inseparable. This work is an investigation into the fundamental natures of two methods of digital art creation.

Who can say what goes into my work.
Not even I would say it
The ‘goings in’ mean nothing in the balance
The work represents itself
It is the manifest invention, a religious practice

I’ve been a big fan of the music of Estonian composer Arvo Part for many years. I’ve sought in vane on many occasions to find a mode of expression that’s in tune with the feelings Part’s music enables me to access. I cannot say what these feelings are, only I’d love to be able to express them.

I’m sure its a mistake to think that anything other than Arvo Part’s music can evoke what Arvo Part’s music does evoke, but it doesn’t stop me trying. Actually, I think I am quite confused about the emotional spaces accessed by music and those spaces reached through visual art. Maybe in some respects they are very different and in others the same thing. This is a bit of a non-statement, but as I said, I am confused.

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