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"my search for a classical form in the emerging medium of digital art" - harvey rayner

draft ‘language thought’ poster/letter

draft poster/letter

this is a draft for a poster that reveals the main compositions in my root2art body of work in a sequence that i’ve been playing with for a number of years.

the poem at the top of the poster reads:-
Pivotal language of art thinking
Radical rethinking of art language

This is the thought that has already become language
This is the language that is ready to be rethought

We cannot say what comes beyond this point,
Yet it has already been revealed.
This is the artist’s thinking on the subject:
It is a full slicing through of my skull and spleen -
Let the narrative begin!

when i finish it i plan to print it as a letter and send it off to a few curators as a bit of pr.

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