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"my search for a classical form in the emerging medium of digital art" - harvey rayner

the bones machine

experimental architecture tunnel.gif

above: 3d sketch for sculptural 2d image display module that forms part of a grand installation.

this week i’ve been revisited a 3d theme i’ve been playing around with for the last ten years. its never got further than  thumbnail sketches on backs of envelopes thinking only in terms of very basic forms. this week i’ve actually started to conceive parts, materials and engineering solutions and am getting a feel for how the structure will ‘work’ in the real world. developing a sculpture in software divorced from real materials and a real result is a very cerebral and abstract activity. art for me has always grown directly out of a medium, but here i only know the properties of my materials and can not work on them directly. visual language and medium are also inseparable in a highly evolved work of art. i’m sure this piece will only truly mature in a succession of real life models combined with computer modelling. 

having reached a point in my 2d work where i feel a real directness in my method and medium this project seems quite crude, daunting and difficult although i’m consumed and at times exhilarated by it. it is a real work effort and requires me to abandon many of my ideals and thinking and work towards an end point i neither can see or imagine. i generally feel on the cusp of my own creativity which is something i haven’t felt for a long time.


maybe a architectural variation. the tunnel form is something i’ve thought about a lot over the last year as part of my sustainable building technology project.


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