by harvey rayner

Commission A Experimental Architectural Form Sculpture

Rekindled Fascination With 3D Form And Engineering Solutions
The sculptural element of my output has gone largely unrealized over the years mostly down to the prohibiting expense of developing these ambitious projects with real materials. My Node Frames project and various sustainable building technology projects have rekindled my fascination with the engineering require to fabricate real structures from real material.

Limitations Of Developing Sculpture Digitally
I feel there is only so far I can progress with designing sculpture digitally, being as the best sculptural and architectural form always grows out of the properties of the materials used and functionality. Neither of these can be easily simulated on a computer so much of my 3D thinking gets no further than sketches.

Opportunity Provided By Commission
I have a number of sculptural forms I've been turning over in my mind for many years now and at some point I'd love to commit to evolving these creations in the real world of space and stuff. This is where a commission would provide a way forward for the Sculptural manifestation of Root2Art.

So if you are looking to invest in a seriously cutting edge sculpture, the like of which has never been seen before:-

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